Days to Disney World

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fun in the Sun Room

These videos were taken a couple of days ago:

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Here is a video of the baby cousins, this was taken back in Feb. for the Rose/Daneh(long last name) Christmas party:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First Steps

This one is a bit old but this is when he was taking his first steps, he was doing good all day and this was taken when mommy got home so he was a little tired from walking all day but here you go:

The Swing

Here is a video to get you started, there will be more soon, enjoy:

Monday, April 27, 2009

Much Needed Update

Well the misters (Hayden) is 1.  He is walking on his own, although he is still wobbly of course, and is saying a few words which is kind of weird to hear.  He is getting more hair too.  Emily and I are going to look at a Day Care here in town and if that goes well then that is where he will go.  Hayden will start going to Day Care in a couple weeks because I start my classes in three weeks.  I will have a 3 week class, which is Intro to Computers, then a few days after that I will have English Comp that will last about a month and that will be it for the summer.  I will be able to go to Oshkosh for the Air Show for the first time in years and I am very excited about that.  Speaking of vacation, our Disney trip is paid for and we are more than ready to go.  Only 215 days left.  We have been saving up for a long time for this and have some money left over so if the price is right we are going to spoil ourselves and get First Class tickets, why not right.  In hockey, the St. Louis Blues were in last place at the beginning of the year and came back to make it 6th place for the playoffs but got swept, I didn’t think they would get far at all but did not think they would get swept.  For Peoria Rivermen, they play game 7 of the best of 7 series tonight and that game could go either way but of course I hope they make it, that is only round 1.  And last but not least, the Alaska Aces, they won the first round 4 games to 1 against the Utah Grizzly.  Now they are up 2 games to 0 against the Victoria Salmon Kings and that is kind of a big rival.  The Aces are on a roll right now but still have a tough road to get to the Championship.  As for the Quad City Flames, there will be a vote tomorrow (Tuesday) for their future in the Quad Cities, there are 30 people on the board (AHL board) and if  they get 8 votes against them moving to a different place then that COULD mean that they are going to stay in the QC, but they might have another place they are looking at, I will keep you update on that.  We just had Haydens big birthday party yesterday and after it was done we were both spent, I am slowly cleaning things up today but we were excited and thrilled to host our first big party, and it was a success.  I will try to do a better job on the blogging thing.  See ya.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well you read most of what is happening on Emily's blog, by the way, I am not that bad, I do ask a lot of questions but I am getting back into parenthood but now that is brought to my attention I am not asking questions anymore and I did get the bottle ready for the misters and put him to sleep but I am not here to complain or vent about my better half because who wants to read that. I am really happy with how the house is turning out. I really like the basement and the set up and everything else. It is a lot of fun going to pick things out for the house and it is very nice not having peoples houses attached to ours so we don't here them and we don't have to worry about them hearing us so we can crank the sub woofer up on the surround sound a little more and stuff like that plus no damn dogs barking up a storm from horrible owners not shutting them up. I love it. My trip home went really well, it was a little long but worth the free admission to everything. The boat ride was great, the scenery was amazing. The second boat ride from Juneau to Bellingham was awesome because for the first time I saw dolphins. I was ridding in the forward lounge listening to my ipod when I noticed a whole bunch of stuff jumping out of the water and I realized pretty quickly from a distance that it was a whole bunch of dolphins so I immediately jumped up and ran outside on the left side of the boat. I kind of took a risk because the dolphins started out on the right side of the boat and I figured that they might end up on the other side of the boat as they were coming up at an angle. I always had my camera with me because you never know and it proved to be a good idea. I got some pretty good video posted, you may have to watch it several times to see it all, try to get the size bigger if you can but look towards the back of the boat and you will see them jumping out of the water and just all around the water. Here it is:

I am craving some hockey but we are waiting for income to go to a hockey game. It helps that the St. Louis Blues are on T.V. pretty much every game on FSN. So I finally get to watch the Blues play. But it sounds like the Flames are starting to get there act together and winning some games. They were on a 6 game winning streak but lost there last one. There is talk right now that the Flames might be leaving town after this season but no one "knows" for sure yet. Here is the article:

So we will see what happens. There will be a Picture Thursday Special Edition this week so watch out for that.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Well the wind had died down after that first day I was here in Juneau but now the snow has come in and it has only snowed about 20 billion inches since then. I went out to rearrange my truck to make room for dads stuff (which I hope is enough, it should be) and I had to find my truck. They plowed around it so there was about a foot of snow all around my truck and on my truck was about 7-8 inches of wet snow. So with my little snow brush I had to remove all the snow off the hood and windshield and top of the cab and on top of my truck bed cover. Finally I got all that done and made room for dads stuff and also put some of my stuff in there since I leave Juneau tonight. Its about 954 pm right now and I think I am going to check out of the hotel at about 100 am and head over to the terminal. I will check in then wait a little for cars to accumulate in the holding area then I will go park in the holding area and wait. The boat is suppose to leave at 445 am so I should be on the boat around 400 am I think, then I will get settled in and probably slip into bed. I might go wonder around the boat but I have 3 days to do that so I will probably wait. I kind of hit me yesterday that I am almost home but for some odd reason it hit me today that I am going to Walt Disney World in about 9 months. So I am now excited to get and the fact that Disney is creeping up. And this trip I am the host. Emily has been there a couple of times so she will be a good help for me but I am the ultimate host on this trip and I am excited for that. I get to make all the reservations and everything, I am ready to that. I cant wait for Bonnie and Lysle and hopefully Amanda to experience Disney because it is the best way to escape reality and the food is addictive. Ooh the food. Holy cow I am writing a novel of nothing here. And it is still snowing out. Well, soon I will be home and not living in hotel rooms which I don't mind, if I had my family with me. For some reason I like to stay in hotels, I don't know why but I do. Anyway, next time I post, I will be in america again.